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Study Days et seminars

Study Days

A cosy meeting centre at 34 avenue des Champs Élysées, is the assurance of a place with a terrace, ideally located and very easy to access, a space that we will have fitted out especially for you and that we can modulate as you wish. It is the assurance of a tailor-made all-inclusive package including meeting room rental, welcome coffee, breaks, lunch, entertainment equipment, small office and creative supplies… It is also the assurance of an attentive and benevolent ear, a personalised welcome at all times, technical and logistical assistance on site, and real-time reactivity in order to respond favourably to any additional request or adjustment.

A meeting room to rent just for you!

Together, we draw up a study day that meets your specifications: the number of people, the timetable, the number of rooms required, the catering services on site, outside, or provided by you, the reprographic work, the supply of specific equipment, etc., and your budget. We draw up a global proposal for the day which includes a cost per person, a study day rate specially adapted to your needs

Location_salle__reunion_Chene liège lounge et U
Location_salle__reunion_Chene liège lounge et U


A seminar is a fundamental moment in the life of a company. The vision, strategy and objectives are explained and everyone is involved in the collective success. Each employee must feel valued and considered as an essential link in the achievement of the expected results. The chosen location is a determining factor in the message transmitted.


Exceptional corporate meetings: a seminar on the Champs-Elysées

A cosy and warm space for your corporate meetings!


Opting for a cosy meeting center brings a strong recognition because you receive your employees on the most beautiful avenue in the world, in a space with a terrace entirely renovated, warm, with designer furniture, equipped with technical equipment and high tech animation, where each one will be personally welcomed by a team available, attentive and benevolent.


In addition to the incentive of the place, it is easy to design your event and to manage it on the day.


We will accompany you in the preparation of your meeting: what layout, what decoration, what catering services, what entertainment, what technical specificity, what additional equipment, … so many questions that we will address with you so that together we make the seminar of YOUR company.


Whether your event lasts one, two, three days, or even a week, we can make each of your days unique thanks to the variety of our proposals, the modularity of our venue, our reactivity and the ease that our address provides.


A cosy meeting center is also a possible adjustment until the D-day, flexible schedules which adapt to your needs, a technical assistance and a logistic support of every moment, a permanent reactivity for any particular request.


We attach great importance to the fact that all our guests live a beautiful and cosy meeting center experience and therefore take to heart to satisfy everyone: an unexpected call? We can provide you with a lounge to keep you calm, or a dietary constraint? We find the right menu for you, an urgent letter to be sent within the hour? We take care of it…


Choose cosy meeting center for your seminar and offer to your collaborators a place contributing to their success!