The birth of cosy meeting center

I have always loved entertaining, pleasing, taking care of others, making everyone feel good and happy, have a good time, without any constraints… and all the while being at the heart of the business.

So, naturally, the business of renting out spaces intended for events and all that it encompasses corresponds to me 150%.

For this third business center, I was looking for a special location right in the heart of the business district … so when I visited this 6th floor of 250m2 on the Champs Elysées with a terrace, I immediately knew that cosy meeting center would be built here.

After a month and a half of work, we opened the business at the end of February 2020.

We have restructured the place to make it a real reception area, ideal for seminars, meetings, training sessions and for relaxing with family or friends. It is divided into 5 rooms of 25 to 50m2, 100m2 of common space, a terrace and a rotunda balcony. The place is extremely luminous and silent, you may feel like you are walking on the capital city’s roofs, while being suspended.

We call our rooms lounges because, in addition to being places of work, they are also cosy, muffled places where everyone should feel good.

Our partners, who provide a wide range of complementary services, share the same passion as we do: to make all our clients happy!

Cosy meeting center is also a datadocked training centre, soon to be qualiopi referenced, which offers a various catalogue of training courses mainly focused on well-being and a better community life, particularly for companies.

Cosy Meeting Center also sometimes dresses up as a TV studio, and becomes a real filming location.

Like all our services, our schedules are also flexible, adjustable, right up to the last minute.

Our priority is to be there for you and to accompany you in the success of your event.

As you can see, our goal is to welcome you as best as we can, putting all our heart into it, with no constraints…

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