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TV sets and filming

Hire a TV set to energise and optimise your speeches and also to bring people together!

Whether you want to produce training videos, promotional videos, corporate videos, an interview, a broadcast, a live event … The TV set is your solution.

A fully equipped film set, where you will benefit from the services of an audiovisual production agency and produce your videos in a customised and evolving setting.

There are many formats that can be used on TV sets

TV show : produce the content for your web TV

Corporate video : enhance your internal communication, brand content, interviews, institutional videos

Entertainment : get inspired by a 100% customisable decor for your entertainment programmes

Interview : conduct your one to one interviews with the help of a video training coach and your promotional videos.

Round table : organise round tables or webcasts to discuss various fields of expertise.

Teaser : present your company, your event, by shooting your video in a TV set with your image.

Remote streaming : produce your show remotely by compiling information from all over the world

Webcasting platform : choose a customisable web platform to broadcast your programme in live streaming while generating interactivity with your audience.

The advantages of cosy meeting center’s TV sets

In addition to our very high speed fibre optic internet network -700mb up and 600mb down- secured by a second ADSL back up line.

Choosing Cosy Meeting Center for your shootings means : choosing a space on the Champs Elysées, a prestigious and easily accessible address, a private floor with a terrace and rotunda balcony, entirely modular and tastefully decorated, which you can easily privatise.

Choosing Cosy Meeting Center to organise your TV set also means guaranteeing you the support of a team of professionals (in events, audiovisual production, media training, etc.) dedicated to your needs, who will be able to respond favourably to each of your adjustments.

Choosing Cosy Meeting Center for your show also means that you can be sure of catering services to suit your needs, from breakfast to the closing cocktail that you can enjoy on your TV set, in the adjoining lounges or on our terrace.