Team Building

Why organise a Team Building with your team?



What is team building?

 Invented by Elton Mayo at the end of the 1920’s, it is a playful activity practiced in a group whose goal is to promote cohesion between participants. The main objective of the activities is to develop team spirit and improve communication between its members. Indeed, the participants must work in teams: each team pursuing a common objective in order to win the game. Participants must learn to join forces and communicate effectively to achieve victory. Organizing this type of activity with your team is a good way to promote understanding between your employees and boost their motivation and productivity.

For all companies, for all budgets! 

Contrary to popular belief, these activities are not only for large companies and young start-ups. Many companies mistakenly think that this practice is not for them. However, all companies, regardless of their size or number of employees, can organize activities to create links and strengthen their teams. Indeed, activities exist for small and large groups alike. Of course, organizing an activity represents an expense for the company and not all of them can afford to offer a parachute jump to their employees or an all inclusive weekend in the mountains. However, there is a multitude of activities for all budgets. What’s more, the benefits in terms of employee motivation and productivity will quickly offset the expense of the activity.
 The cosy meeting center choice for your team building!
We offer all types of team building activities, for all budgets, for large and small teams, on site or off site.
Virtual team building (escape game), culinary (product creation, tastings), artistic (dance, theater, choir) and cultural (cluedo in a museum, photo rally, treasure hunt)…
After we have built this unique moment for you and with you, our dedicated partners, selected for their benevolence and their professionalism will make you live an unforgettable federative moment, which will resemble you!
This formula remains open to evolution at D-3, D-1, the D-day.

A complementary lounge for sub-commissions, a friendship cocktail on our roof top at the end of the event, a dietary contraindication, we will be delighted to satisfy you with our reactivity.

The recurrence of cosy meeting centers is also synonymous with constant novelty. Indeed, we constantly renew the decoration of our space, we are careful to vary our gourmet recipes for each of your meetings and to use only seasonal products.


This “all-inclusive” formula per person that we will have established together can also be the subject of a framework contract with preferential conditions adapted to your needs. Moreover, with the objective of continuous improvement, we will take into account each of your suggestions for optimization so that your “corporate” study day is also a reflection of your DNA.


Team Building